Aug 29, Lab 1 (as html), Lab 1 (as PDF) Lab 1 will be weighted 3 points.


         Sept 5, Lab 2. This lab will be weighted 3 points.


         Sept 12, lab 3. Recursive algorithm to generate permutations and combinations of a given set of numbers. This lab will be weighted 6 points. The program subsets.cpp that generates all the subsets of a given collection of (distinct) integers, will be helpful in implementing this project. 8 points

         Sept 19, lab 4. Image processing   Some programs to test: program to rotate an image 90 degrees counter clockwise. Program to convert a bmp image to black and white image using thresholding. Bitmap images of letters a to z can be accessed here. 10 points


         Oct 10, lab 6: Identification of letters in a scanned page of printed text by breadth-first search. The problem description can be found here. A test case. 10 points


         Oct 23, lab 8: We will start a new project solve peg solitaire by backtracking. We will speed-up the search by avoiding redundant calls by storing the history of calls in a hash table. A description of project 4 in PDF, in html. Some suggestions for implementation (specifically, the board representation and the list of possible moves) are provided here.  The same document in word format so that you can copy and paste the move sequence.  This project is due Nov 20. 10 points

         Nov 20 Project # 5. This will be the last project. Due: December 14.